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Welcome to WNSO Israel

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Welcome to WNSO Israel. We are very pleased to announce that WNSO Israel, a sister organisation of WNSO (Worldwide Nepalese Students` Organisation) has been founded on August 2003 to help, cooperate, communicate, informĀ  and unite all Nepali students living in Israel, and across the world.

Our gratitude`s and compliments are due to all the visitors. WNSO Israel is a member of WNSO, an umbrella has been set up around the globe with the sole aim to extend massive assistance to all the students in and out of Israel who are eager to step their feet for study in different world famous institutions of Israel.

In order to prevail elegant atmosphere forum as well as it`s site it always expect whole-hearted assistance from the core of your heart.

Would you please spare a little of your precious time to browse as well as to drop any sort of comments, suggestion in WNSO Israel on regular basis for which we will be highly obliged, delighted and indebted too.

WNSO Israel Team