Education System

The Israeli Education system

Israel is quiet forward in the research field specially, in the biotechnology, agricultureĀ  and physics.

University level studies:

Most of the undergraduate courses are conducted in the Hebrew(Israeli language) so it would be difficult to pursue his/her study for undergraduate however most of the Israeli universities offer their Graduate program (MSc and Ph.D) in English madium. Candidates who attend a course of MSc study and /or present a thesis based on research are awarded earned master`s degree.
Ph.D programs require 3 years BSc and 2 years MSc as a minimum criteria and last a minimum of 3 and half years.

PostĀ  Doctorate Program:

Most of the Universities have post doctorate program in every field of science and other subjects.


One of the most important features of Israeli Universities is they conduct a MASHAV course . It`s a program organized by universities in the coordination of Israeli government to build relationship of Israel with other countries of word. It is short term program. However term vary from 25 -day to 6- month ( and sometimes more than 6- month). Many of the Nepalese students have been taking advantage of this training since long time specially in the field of agriculture and ecology. In order to apply in this training, visit the the website of any one of the universities, fill up the form and submit the this form to Israeli Embassy in Kathmandu or you can get the form directly from Israeli Embassy in Kathmandu.

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